Return of the Blog

2017-10-15 00:00:00 Views: 846

... hopefully.

Blogs are pretty useful things. A list why:

So, hopefully you can see that these things are pretty great, especially to someone as gifted in prose as myself.

A word on the implementation of this blog, as it stands: right now, I am creating the HTML files manually (in vim) with minimum overhead, and using PHP to directly query which blog posts exist. My intention is to move to a dedicated admin portal and a mySQL database - but since I do not currently have a mySQL DB or the effort to create a (safe) admin page, that will have to wait.

[EDIT: I'm now running off a mySQL DB. Yay! Except editing this post requires direct DB manipulation...]

I do have some stuff to (potentially, if I get round to it) put here, other than meta-details about the blog itself. A public list for myself:

I do seem to like lists.
Until next time,