3DS vs DSi vs DS Phat

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I've been lucky enough to have come into possession of all three beautiful objects. The 3DS, well known for it's glasses-less 3D. The DSi, well known for its redemption of a dying DS franchise, and the first to have cameras. The DS Phat (that's the big, normally blue, original one), well known for the innovation of having two screens on a console, and also being one of the first with a touch-screen. All have t

y, the 3DS.

  • The 3D is great, although it does get annoying at times. I've never had the headaches that people complain about, however I have found that it doesn't work when in direct sunlight or not at the right angl
    otwings and Excitebike are my test subjects here.
  • Streetpass promises to be one of the most exciting features ever. Not only for us, but for Nintendo as well. Let's start with our side of the story. The ability to play games with random people who you may have seen but haven't met? Awesome! Imagine being on a train and suddenly realising that you have a streetpass LED - and find that the guy on the opposite table has got it to - and has seen yours! Quickly, you get into a game of Street Fighter IV or Mario Kart 3DS, exchange friend codes, and continue your lives knowing that you've made a friend and that you're not alone. For Nintendo, they get their own marketi
    m with a 3DS in every other pocket, ready to whip out and show people.
  • The 3DS has a lot of promising games coming out, including Mario Kart (apparently it improves on the DS one, shock horror), Donkey Kong and others. It also has a great and active shop, although I wish they'd stop filling it with cr*p from the DSiWare store. There's even a Virtual Console section! Super Mari
    , here I come!
  • Of course, it has its let-downs. Nintendo Video only has 4 slots, there are only three WiFi save slots, terrible camera quality and no support for video, and the lack of Pictochat! (which was, in all honoustly, really only good for pissing friends off with and probably only worked in a crowded Japanese MagL

  • pretty good. Now, for the DSi:
  • The DSi was basically playing catch-up to the PSP iPhone and Android, the "Next Gen" gaming devices.
    se of this it didn't really innovate, but still there are nice features.
  • Do you know what the "i" stands for? It stands for I. Individual. Nintendo wanted to let you personalise your console more than you could before, and they managed. By letting you set your own wallpaper, they allowed for anything, really. My background was a Kirby with a Mario hat. Come on, you can't even do
    on a 3DS!
  • The DSi Camera "app" outdoes any other camera app I have ever seen, even the 3DS one. Face recogniti
    ks though. The camera quality is brilliant, but it's a shame there's no zoom.
  • The let-downs of the DSi are basic ones - no suspension, Home button coupled into power button (really? Who's idea was that?), and no Streetpass. I do however think that the black DSi is so much more styl
    an any colour 3DS.

  • That brings us to the original innovation of the "Dual Screen", DS. It was big, it was chunky, and the a
    le colours were ridiculous, but it was the original.

  • The DS only had three things going for it: two screens, a microphone, and nintendo fanatics. Ever since my first ever console, the GBA, I've loved Nintendo, and probably explains why I got it pretty quick after the prices had dropped :P. It's a shame that the only game it came bundled with at first was Nint
    (although it did show off the DS's "tag mode", an under done streetpass gone wrong).
  • I like the calender and the analogue clock on the top screen - where'd that disappear to on the DSi?
    n tell you, Download Play :P).
  • The machine was as robust as hell - I've dropped my DS off the side of a 3 metre wardrobe and had it
    out with only a few scratches.
  • Seeing as I had a bunch of GBA games lying round, Nintendo did the right thing by making the DS back
    compatible. It only increased it's market, even if it also increased its size & weight.
    e let-downs are obvious. A simple lack of features!

  • All in all, the 3DS wins! Maybe it's just that it's the freshest in my mind, or that it already has the
    ames, or that I've been brainwashed by Nintendo, but that's what I think.
    PS: Despite popular belief, the DSi and 3DS are the same size! this means that every case you own will work with the 3DS to!