So much to talk about

2011-07-01 00:00:00 Views: 721

A lot has happened inthe past 12 days - both to me, and around the world.

To begin with, I want to shout-out to CoCamp, The Intenational Festival of Co-operation. Run entirely by volunteers from The Woodcraft Folk, it was a joy to be there. I especially enjoyed the co-urier (CoCamp news paper), and helping out at the co-mmunication centre (geddit?)!

During the 10 days of co-mplete cut off, thanks to CoCamp, Britain's e-co-nomy (no, I'm not going to stop that) took a turn for the worse. The media says it's global, but I have a feeling this is just hype from closed-minded european-centred reporters that are rolling in money from the current affairs that are happening right now.

What this "recession-after-the-recession" means is that Europe will become the Africa of tomorrow. China, supposedly the country with the most money (even though we have it all, they just have the most credit), will become the Europe and America, and we'll get a taste of third-world poverty.

All this makes me feel guilty. I've spent my day in brand-new jeans and hoody, which probably came at least in part from sweatshops in Africa. And all the uprest happened during CoCamp, a socialist movement that doesn't believe in money (well, at least not really). In socialism, this supposedly can't happen. Every country would be equal, with no fascism, racism, sexism or discrimination. Everyone would get exactly what they needed - no more, no less. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be luxuries - volunteers would co-operatively run non-profit businesses. These businesses would be run by the public.

I feel that because of this, riots have broken out. Not because of some 'tory "Parental Responsibility" issue that seems to effect every rioter, including the 35-year-olds that don't get mentioned because children are so much more innocent (not any more, get over it society) and shouldn't be commiting crimes. People who had a future suddenly see no hope in their world. With nothing to lose, and so much to gain, some law-obiding working class (or even middle class) can justify breaking windows and closing shops fo a new pair of shoes (which, incidently, were probably made in a sweatshop in Africa thus making the problem worse).

Some of them aren't doing it for the shoes though. They believe that rioting is the only way that the government will listen. There have been peaceful cuts protests before, and noting happened.This way, they either listen or have their private-sector capitalist views pounded to the floor.

Getting worse than that, the government has promised, in a debate that is visible to the public (BBC News), that they wil start blocking the internet to arrange protest, they will not let "phony" human rights concerns "get in the way of justice", and will be "introducing new laws allowing police officers to remove head scarves". Welcome to fascist, Nazi Britain.

Why doesn't the world wake up? Capitalism isn't working.

On a completely unrelated (yet sorely linked) matter, I got a brand-new 3DS. I'll be posting a three-way comparison with it and the DSi and the DS Phat.

Phew. Glad to get that off my chest.