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Hello, I'm Tom!

Welcome to my vanity site

I am currently an A-level student living in Sheffield. I like computers.

I can program just about anything you want me to, from academic research to a shoe. If you want me to code something for you, just get in touch with the email adress on the right.

Many of my past projects were lost in a server crash recently. Here are the things I can probably get back:

And things I can't: In the mean-time, I've put some external links to evidence or content where available.

There are a few hidden things around this website.

Facts About Me

Probably more than you want to know


Past and Current Projects

Tom Benn, Revolutionary Thinker

New Things

Old Things

What is Fridgecow?

The worst inside joke ever

My friend came up with a story about a cow with a fridge for a stomach many years ago. I ran with the idea, making the image and using it as my online persona. I even made a t-shirt

Music and Drama

Oh and sometimes I do this too

...but I wouldn't consider myself very good. I self-learnt ukulele and piano, and can now read sheet music (very slowly) and play what I want. I sometimes write music too.

Click here to see a playlist of my piano playing. Or don't.

Links to Cool Things

Where I steal ideas from